Thursday, April 15

Birds of Fancy

Hello fellow readers, I’ve got some good news for you on this beautiful sunny Thursday. You’ve still got four more days to snatch up a lovely wedding invitation for 25% off on, before the Spring Sale ends on April 19th! During the sale, we have about 44 select wedding designs to choose from, but I have to say, this Juliet invitation is probably my most favorite. I just love the tiny birds and the cheerful color combination of turquoise and emerald. In general, I think birds make for such a fun wedding theme. Not only are they romantic, but they’re whimsical and suggestive of nature, which makes them perfect for a back yard wedding, or a casual affair. Are you considering a bird theme for your wedding, or perhaps know someone who is? Well I’ve shown here, just a few ideas to inspire you…Enjoy!

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