Friday, January 30

My favorite color is SPARKLY!

The New England icy weather and frozen streets are no fun, but I do enjoy one thing - that there are sparkles everywhere! I was walking out with Adoniram and Erin yesterday and these fantastic sparkling branches caught my eye. It looked like the branch had been covered in a million Swarovski crystals. Adoniram sent me his fabulous photograph which captured what I love most about this crazy weather. Sparkles!

{clutch by sworovski}
{clutch by robertocavalli}
{sandals by kate spade on bluefly}
{necklace by sworovski}
{personal stationery on}

Wednesday, January 28

Romantic Vintage Wedding Details

I am a lover of all things old, particularly things of the decorative variety. There is an attention to detail in vintage creations that is unmatched today, and I find it amazing when things survive through decade after decade because someone attentively cared for them. The ribbon appliques for sale on thrill me. As both an admirer of flowers and someone who plays with paper and ribbon as an invitation designer, I am drawn to these mini-pieces. Imagine applying one to your special outfit, your gloves, purse or hair ornament. eInvite offers a gorgeous pink damask invitation that also evokes the past, plus there is a free downloadable customized wedding favor pattern that matches at, if you are into doing-it-yourself and saving money. The cake featured on Martha Stewart Weddings can be created with the culinary stencil from The custom wedding dress with exquisite ruffle detail is by Elizabeth Dye at The English Department and is perfect for the brave who don't fear the froof.

Monday, January 26

Trend Alert: Brights

{images via net-a-porter}

Color blocking with bright colors is a trend I have been noticing more, now that spring is right around the corner. With the economy on the down, what a great refresher to brighten up. Other cultures consistently embrace bright colors, but not so much in the US. I like it! Nothing has to match and these ultra brights can be paired with neutrals for an anything goes look. There are alot of cross trends happening here with ikat, cut out, and Middle Eastern florals.

{Runway brights via fashiontribes}

Floral Inspiration

I love how texture and color and play off one another in these floral arrangements. They are eye-catching, trendy, sophisticated and very inspiring.

{L to R from the top: Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink, Lucky Me, Snippet & Ink, Snippet & Ink, Mi Mi Design}

Design: from Cutlery to Company

Great design, no matter what the medium, is inspirational. Design permeates life, because great design is about an experience, not just an object or service. One of the experiences that I enjoy is cooking. Well, both cooking and eating!

One of my kitchen tools, a Shun knife set, contributes greatly to the experience of cooking, because while the objects themselves function very well, they also honor a legacy of craftsmanship, and are themselves desirable objects.

I have a block of Henckels as well, which are in themselves decently designed and functional, but when I hold a Shun knife in my hands, I am inspired to make my cuts more accurate, my timing more precise, my knife-work better achieved. This is what separates good design from great design: great design enables the complete experience.

When you throw a dinner party, even if you do not prepare the food yourself, you are the designer of the experience. Your guests' enjoyment lies principally with your ability to engage them from start to finish, much of which is found in the joy of your friendship. The rest (the event itself) isn't something to fear; design does not need to be complicated or ostentatious, in fact, the best design is often the simplest.

Just like a product, your guests first impression of your party is yours to control, and when you invite them in a way that sets the tone for the entire event, it is just like using a fine piece of cutlery: you find yourself inspired to go just a little bit further, make their experience a little bit more exceptional, and take a little bit more care in every aspect of your party.

Thursday, January 22

Color Me Canary

It only seems natural to discuss the color yellow after covering pink and orange in last week’s blog, however it also appears as though yellow is the “it” color of Spring 2009. Pantone, a leading color source which provides color standards to design industries, predicts that the public will embrace many tones of yellow this spring.

Similar to a sunny day, yellow shines with optimism, clarity and happiness. However, when used on its own, yellow can be a bit over whelming, so it is best paired with other colors, or used sparingly as a pop value. Yellow will advance from surrounding colors and instill intellectual energy, as well as spark creative thoughts. It can be used to perk up subdued palettes of blues and grays, or to carry out a summery, citrus theme when paired with pale orange and green. Very pale yellows can even work as neutrals when partnered with dark or rich colors such as chocolate brown. For an eye-popping effect, combine yellow with blue as they are high contrast and will add a splash of excitement to any décor, or ensemble. Going for a high-tech look? Mix yellow with neutral gray and a dash of black, this sophisticated combo is perfect for a home-office or gym.

So whether it be with a pair of bright yellow rain boots, or a canary colored end table, may you find that little bit of sunshine to brighten the days ahead! Here are just a few that would brighten mine…

{images Top L to R}
Tory Burch “Jada” Stretch Crepe Strapless Dress available at Nordstrom
Solid Silk Elizabeth Halter from
Sterling Silver Cushion-Cut Yellow Stone Ring with Goldtone Accents available at Target
Merona® Double Breasted Jacket available at Target
Women's Xhilaration® Tanya Strappy Sandals available at Target
Tanner Krolle Yellow Large Cutter Handbag available at
Juicy Couture Snakeskin Buckle Bracelet available at Nordstrom
Trollsta Side Table from Ikea
Marimekko ® Tamara Sheet Sets available at Crate&Barrel
Hunter Original Rain Boot available at Nordstrom
Geometric Pattern Frame available at Target
BR Monogram silk/cashmere cardigan from Banana Republic

Wednesday, January 21

J. Crew Inspiration

Today, J. Crew was on my mind, especially with the historical inauguration yesterday. The Obama girls were decked in Crew Cuts and looking like little fashionistas, just like their Momma!

You can make waves with J. Crew Bridal's stunning and hugely affordable dresses. All eyes on you wearing this gorgeous silk tricotine Gracie gown. {shhh, it's $395 at J.Crew.} Your girls will be stunning in J. Crew's Silk Chiffon Twist-Tank Dress. The dresses were inspired by the Elegance invitation by eInvite, also a great value. The lush green is the perfect accent to the pewter silk, especially when complimented by bright sophisticated accessories like this stunner by Molly Shattuck Thomas. This piece was handmade at her studio in Providence. Ok, splurge a bit!

On the side, a little minty cocktail:

Mint Lime Ade:
1/4 cup loosely packed mint leaves
2 oz. simple syrup
1 1/2 oz. lime juice
soda water to fill

In a sturdy glass muddle mint with simple syrup. Add ice, lime juice and soda water. Stir well. Thank you On The House!

{image of lush foliage found on David's Garden }

Tuesday, January 20

Refreshing and Simple

As I am finding out, preparing for a wedding can be a lot of fun and also a little overwhelming - there is so much beautiful stuff out there that options can seem endless! Returning to interesting natural details is my antidote. Remember when you were a kid and you loved the everyday flowers you came across, even when adults told you they were weeds? I do. Perhaps that is why I find grasses and herbs to be such inviting options for centerpieces, like these below found on Pure white invitations with clean typesetting and space for the eye to rest can have a similar appeal, like the top left Embassy White and Wasabi Duplex invitation from Crane & Co. on, and the Balance invitation from Checkerboard on

Monday, January 19

Trend Alert: Ikat

Currently the design world is loving Ikat. If you want to jump on board the trend, here are some great pieces to get you started.
{ L to R, top to bottom:
Stripe Longline Camisole, Topshop; Madeline Weinrib Pillows; MIR Oversize Ikat Printed Cashmere Wrap, Amazon; Ikat Bowl, Anthropologie}

Friday, January 16

Oh Baby!

Surprisingly 3 of my close friends are all pregnant at the same time! In a world full of super cute and stylish baby stuff, these bright blooms caught my eye. These are simply adorable.

{FatBoy Marimekko on}
{Birth Announcement by Marmalade Ink on}
{Reusable Wall Decals on}

Thursday, January 15

Be My Valentine

Really cute valentine finds. It's only a month away. I love giving treats to my best friends on Vday, a token of admiration, just to let them know they are special to me.

{I found these really yummy adornments at, all three by Kira Ferrer. Swoosh Heart invitation by Carlson Craft and calligraphed heart stationery by Checkerboard via}

Wednesday, January 14


Celebrations are pretty much what life is all about.

Having family and friends gathered together, eating food prepared from family recipes, sharing the spirit of the moment, and creatively preparing the festive cocktails for the occasion are fun, fun, fun. Life is full of events like these. That is why I just love working for a company whose business is all about life’s events, big and small. Everyday is about making your events start with a perfect touch.
We live in New England, as a resident of Massachusetts (and in the Patriot zone) I feel obligated to know something about football. I don’t. It’s just a social thing for me…that I participate in once a year. (Shhh, it’s the party.) The Superbowl Party with friends, neighbors...extended friends and neighbors, gathering together. In New England there may be a blizzard that day and you can bet, party people across our six states will find a way to unite. It’s the collaborative effort of bringing your culinary specialty and sharing the afternoon with friends.

Inviting company with a fun invitation makes the event that much more special and remembered. It's sure to be the beginning of a memorable day.

{images of invitations: Stadium Invitation by Oddballs, VIP Pass Invitation by Checkerboard, funky Olive Invitation by eInvite}

{images of party provisions: guacamole, chili and citrus champagne punch via the foodnetwork}

Tuesday, January 13

Lilac, Cantaloupe and Coral

Inspired by Emily's earlier post on vibrant orange and pink, I was compelled to explore similar hues in their softer counterparts. I think these tones have a mellow, almost vintage appeal, but are still fresh and sweet.

Clockwise from top left:
• Couture Cookies from Gumdrop Cookie Shop
Cantaloupe Rose Invitation by Crane
• Floral Bouquet and Jam-Filled Cookies from Martha Stewart
• Coral Necklace from
Notas Notecard from Checkerboard

Monday, January 12

Printed Invitations as Art

As a photographer, amongst my many duties here at, one of the important ones is the understanding of color, light, and texture as it relates to paper. Paper is inevitably an incredibly important part of the stationery industry. Every printed invitation starts and ends with a single statement: the paper.

We can convert it, design it, alter it through printing and coating processes, we can do a lot to the fundamental building block of communication that is paper. I was not particularly inspired by paper before coming to eInvite, other than as a substrate for carrying my artwork, rather a work of art itself.

However, as I learn about type and learn about paper, I have come to recognize the beauty of stationery design, of respecting the space and the materials. How the presence and absence of something can define an emotion or an ambiance. When all of this comes together in a single, portable shape, it is very inspiring, and inspires me to help tell the design's story.

Sometimes that story is as simple as the texture and design of the invitation itself. Other times, a wider vocabulary is required. Take this invitation by Checkerboard, for example:

A whole vocabulary of design and design history is contained within it. I may over-interpret the design (I have a tendency to do that with art) but when I look at this, I see a designer who has an understanding of how space defines shape.

The knocked-out wine glass is iconographic, rather than literal. It is stylized in a way that is both rustic and refined. Similarly, the construction of the invitation echos this feeling. The top layer and bottom layer are converted so that the paper grain runs at intersecting angles, creating different texture as the light strikes the layers. The colors of the paper itself are near complementary, green and purple, naturally the colors of grapes themselves.

The invitation is a metaphor for wine itself, the refinement of a simple fruit, representative of the duality of the very drink that the invitation celebrates. Art cannot occur by chance, it is either inevitable or deliberate. When I see something that has been designed by someone, either consciously or subconsciously, who pays attention to the details and message of a single invitation in this way, it inspires me to respect and underscore the care they took in their art.


Michelle pointed out to me that the paper is not varnished or coated in any particular process, but that both sheets have the same vellum finish, and are uncoated sheets. The differences in textures are tactile, but not the result of different paper or process! I've edited the post for clarity.

Friday, January 9

A World of Patterns

I love going into the anthropologie store! Their unique finds, the patterns and the craftsmanship all make me feel like I just took a quick trip around the world.

Thursday, January 8

Orange You Glad for Pink!

Perhaps it’s the lack of sunshine that the New England winter brings, or the prospect of spring months ahead, or maybe even the fact that Valentine’s Day is around the corner…whatever the reason, I can’t get enough of bright happy hues lately. One color combination that’s got my head all toasty is hot pink and vivid orange. Positive and cheerful, this powerful duo is perfect for shedding the winter blues. Electrify your days by adding a splash of pink and orange to your wardrobe, home décor or correspondence. Here are just a few ideas to get you warmed up…

Images from top L to R:
Monogram gathered shift dress from Banna Republic
Flare Stationery by Checkerboard Ltd. available at
Stockholm Stad Cusion from Ikea
Bow Group Mirra clutch from Kate Spade
1950’s cotton pink and orange stripe summer dress from Paper Dress Ltd.
Cortez Pillow from Crate and Barrel
Beidermeier Side Chair from Veneman Furniture
Liza patterned peep-toe heels from

wedding shoes with character

Personal style, I am your biggest fan.
Surprises, I just love them.
Ethnicity, show your roots...

I have a theory about shoes. You can tell alot about a person by what they wear on their feet. Think of everyone you know and compare their shoes to their personality. Uncanny.

Let your personality shine on your wedding day by adding a glimpse of your inner self.

(That goes for the men too!)

{images: Indian wedding shoes by Claudia Gustafson at, vintage beaded mules by; red patent pumps by Sara Heinrichs via; and feather femme fatales by

Monday, January 5

The Write Resolution

One resolution I work hard to keep each year is staying in touch with family and friends. Emails are great for a quick hello, but everyone loves receiving mail (that isn’t a bill!). I like to keep personalized stationery on hand, so I never have an excuse not to send a prompt birthday, thank you or congratulations card. Here’s to another year of staying in touch…

{L to R from top: Shangri-La, Checkerboard, Ltd., Hamptons Wardrobe Custom Box Set, Boatman Geller, Shangri-La, Checkerboard, Ltd., Cranberry Bordered Ecru Note, Crane & Co., Teal Card, Crane & Co., Foundry Box Set No. 2, Manifesto Letterpress}

Friday, January 2

Happy New Year! wishes you a super

{champagne card by Crane and Co. on}

Happy New Year!

eInvite wishes you have a super

{Champagne card by Crane and Co. on}