Wednesday, January 14


Celebrations are pretty much what life is all about.

Having family and friends gathered together, eating food prepared from family recipes, sharing the spirit of the moment, and creatively preparing the festive cocktails for the occasion are fun, fun, fun. Life is full of events like these. That is why I just love working for a company whose business is all about life’s events, big and small. Everyday is about making your events start with a perfect touch.
We live in New England, as a resident of Massachusetts (and in the Patriot zone) I feel obligated to know something about football. I don’t. It’s just a social thing for me…that I participate in once a year. (Shhh, it’s the party.) The Superbowl Party with friends, neighbors...extended friends and neighbors, gathering together. In New England there may be a blizzard that day and you can bet, party people across our six states will find a way to unite. It’s the collaborative effort of bringing your culinary specialty and sharing the afternoon with friends.

Inviting company with a fun invitation makes the event that much more special and remembered. It's sure to be the beginning of a memorable day.

{images of invitations: Stadium Invitation by Oddballs, VIP Pass Invitation by Checkerboard, funky Olive Invitation by eInvite}

{images of party provisions: guacamole, chili and citrus champagne punch via the foodnetwork}

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