Monday, January 26

Trend Alert: Brights

{images via net-a-porter}

Color blocking with bright colors is a trend I have been noticing more, now that spring is right around the corner. With the economy on the down, what a great refresher to brighten up. Other cultures consistently embrace bright colors, but not so much in the US. I like it! Nothing has to match and these ultra brights can be paired with neutrals for an anything goes look. There are alot of cross trends happening here with ikat, cut out, and Middle Eastern florals.

{Runway brights via fashiontribes}

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Adoniram said...

I've been watching that fuchsia trend grow and grow, and I have to admit, while I love the rich color, there's a part of me that still fears the over use of it from the 1980's and 1990's. It became so overwrought and abused that its now almost ironic.

We'll see, though! I like the fusion that's going on between near-eastern patterns and strong deep-dyes.