Monday, January 5

The Write Resolution

One resolution I work hard to keep each year is staying in touch with family and friends. Emails are great for a quick hello, but everyone loves receiving mail (that isn’t a bill!). I like to keep personalized stationery on hand, so I never have an excuse not to send a prompt birthday, thank you or congratulations card. Here’s to another year of staying in touch…

{L to R from top: Shangri-La, Checkerboard, Ltd., Hamptons Wardrobe Custom Box Set, Boatman Geller, Shangri-La, Checkerboard, Ltd., Cranberry Bordered Ecru Note, Crane & Co., Teal Card, Crane & Co., Foundry Box Set No. 2, Manifesto Letterpress}


Sprout said...

I've made the same vow for 2009 and already have 2 notes written and in my purse ready to mail.

Now, how to get myself to aprt with some of the great stationary I got at stART on the Street that I've been hording...? Who is worthy of a note?!

Michelle May said...

Cathy, everyone should make the same vow! Getting a note in the mail is like a little sunshine during a long New England winter. It really takes a second and means so much...I just recieved two, so I can't wait to reciprocate!