Wednesday, January 28

Romantic Vintage Wedding Details

I am a lover of all things old, particularly things of the decorative variety. There is an attention to detail in vintage creations that is unmatched today, and I find it amazing when things survive through decade after decade because someone attentively cared for them. The ribbon appliques for sale on thrill me. As both an admirer of flowers and someone who plays with paper and ribbon as an invitation designer, I am drawn to these mini-pieces. Imagine applying one to your special outfit, your gloves, purse or hair ornament. eInvite offers a gorgeous pink damask invitation that also evokes the past, plus there is a free downloadable customized wedding favor pattern that matches at, if you are into doing-it-yourself and saving money. The cake featured on Martha Stewart Weddings can be created with the culinary stencil from The custom wedding dress with exquisite ruffle detail is by Elizabeth Dye at The English Department and is perfect for the brave who don't fear the froof.

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