Sunday, November 30

Love that Birdie!

Birds are everywhere this season and I’m loving these cute little silhouettes! These shapes are modern, bold and simply adorable.

Here is where I found some favorites:

{Bird whistle on}

{Dove ornaments on CB2}

{Personalized stationery by Checkerboard on}

{Bird and tree pillows from}

{Gift tags by Hello Lucky on}

{Bird decals on}

Saturday, November 29

Black and White Saturday

Online shopping inspiration for a cold Saturday in the east. Inspired by the black and white mod graphics and the loose watercolor on the greetings from eInvite, I was having fun on Etsy browsing for cool...out of the ordinary holiday treats. The items have an organic and a more personal feel than items found at the local mall. The bonus? You can be in the comfort of your own home, sipping your coffee in your pj's and get the job done. Love that.

Items shown top: Black and White Patterned Photo,, rustic and modern interior, via

Items shown middle: handmade door plaque via, Lake Earie found object necklace via, Mod Spot Porcelain Vase Green black white via, Porcelain Snowflake Ornament via

Items shown bottom: ruffley mod dress by Jovonna London, funky martini greeting by Starfish & Dreams via, and black tree sillouette pillow cover via

Friday, November 28

We hope your day was sweet

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We hope you had a wonderful day with your family and friends.

{images: chocolate milk photo by Colin Cooke via Sweet Paul; caramel nut tart, Martha}

Wednesday, November 26

The Natural Choice

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all the red and green that inundates everything this time of year. I thought I would refresh things at bit for you (and for my own sanity) with a more neutral palette for this party inspiration board. Ruffles, city sippers & holi-decor in natural tones and lush silver...without the old standbys. Yes, red and green you have been left curbside. Here at eInvite we have some fashionistas and foodies, so I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store as we get posting about party inspiration.

This year I have been seeing and loving ruffles. They are so full of texture, proportions and are just plain fun. I am loving these tops from Rachel Roy (top) and Madison Marcus (bottom).The silver and white tones are great for formal events or to wear with your favorite jeans. Add a little sparkle and your good to go.

The natural elements are also seen in these home decor items that exude taste and sophistication. The Glacé Christmas Stockings are from Ballard Design and the The Olive Branch and Tree of Life Menorahs’s are designed by Michael Aram and are available at Neiman Marcus. Their description of the artist just make you want to have them in your home.

A little holiday refreshments always make the noise and the bustle (and Uncle Robert) a little more festive. Serve up some new ideas and start some new traditions. Now what holiday is not complete without a little Alchedemia? I was greatly inspired by weekend fun to add some cocktails to my post this week. St. Germain is my new favorite discovery. A liqueur made from elderberry blossoms of the French Alps. Their logo is actually the little “bohemian” bicycler that delivers the blooms from the mountainside. I happen to just love the aroma and the taste is so much like the juice our family makes from the same flowers in Brasov. It brought back the summer.

St. Germain Martini
- 2 oz Grey Goose vodka
- .75 oz St. Germain
- 1 oz juice of a lime or lemon

Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with your citrus slice.

Images and recipes for the Lava Lamp & Two Turtle Doves, the other libations were from

Tuesday, November 25

The Best Personal Wedding Websites

So my big day is happening in July of 2009 and the advantages of working at an invitations retailer continue to add up. :) Planning my save-the-dates recently, I realized that first I need a place online to send my guests for all my wedding details, so I can print it on my save-the dates. eInvite has a partnership with Wedding Window - we offer tons of coordinating invitations to go with their beautiful websites, like so:

I signed up for my site with Wedding Window because I have done a good amount of research about sites available and these are clearly the snazziest and easiest to customize. But I wasn't sure where to start with designing it. Here's what I ended up thinking about to get started:
  • What is the feeling I want to give people about my wedding? Hot Summer Fun? Formal?
  • What are the colors I want to use? I don't know my "wedding colors" yet, but I know the wedding is going to be bursting with flowers and outdoors so I favored lush greens and rich accent colors.
  • What do I need? I started with a picture of the two of us and basic info about the ceremony and reception. Gradually I can add more details as I collect them, such as directions, a link to my registry, accommodations info, etc. In fact, the "site center" where you go in and control all the parts of the site is so easy to use, it is serves as a great place to organize my own mind around all this stuff!!
The amount of customizable options was unbelievable; it was like going into a craft store and being allowed to make whatever I wanted from an endless supply of colorful materials. A fun and creative start to planning the big day!

Monday, November 24

Simple, yet Festive

A fabulous Thanksgiving table does not have to take hours of work, thanks to these two place card ideas from Martha Stewart.

Sunday, November 23

Die, Counter Die?

No, it's not German and it isn't what your carpenter yells when he's trying to hang the doors on your new kitchen cabinets. The "die" and "counter die" process makes up one of the fundamentals of creating texture on flat surfaces.

I didn't know anything about embossing before getting involved in stationery. I thought it had something to do with stamps. And notarized documents. And maybe waffles.
Stationers associate the die-counter die process with embossing, and a variety of techniques that go with embossing. Embossing (and its counterpart, de-bossing) involves a combination of extremely high pressure and heat. It IS a bit like making waffles, but the top iron and bottom iron mate together rather than separating.

So... what's good embossing look like? And what is de-bossing? How do I tell the difference? Why do I even care?

Good embossing makes the relief (the part that goes up or down in the design) look like it was sculpted out of marble. Would you buy a Prada tote if you could only read "rada"? No! Good embossing should make every part of the design look clean and finished.

De-bossing uses the same mechanics as embossing by mating a die and a counter-die. De-bossing and embossing are easy to tell apart. If the relief is lower than the corners of the card or paper, it is de-bossed. If the relief is higher than the corners of the paper, it is embossed!

Why should you care?

Well, if you want to make an impression (har har!) on those that see your stationery or cards, the easiest way to make something flat stand out from a lot of other flat stuff is to add texture.

Friday, November 21

Red and Gold Diva

I'm inspired by the rich colors this season, especially the red and gold pallette! This brilliant brocade from Crate and Barrel caught my eye and I had a vision of the perfect holiday party.

Here is my inspiration for this brilliant bash!
From Left to Right:
{flame flourish invitation on}
{perfectly wrapped english toffee from crate and barrel}
{stunning l'objet alencon dinnerware from neiman marcus}
{red and gold invite on}
{magaschoni collection silk tafetta dress from neiman marcus}

Thursday, November 20

Variety is the Spice of Life!

Ever find yourself in a last minute frenzy searching for a birthday card, or know of someone who continuously shows up to parties without one? Many times I’ve hurried out the door with the perfect gift, just to realize I don’t have a card to accompany it. In these situations, I often wish I had something on hand, tucked away at home, for that special occasion. Lucky for me and for fellow procrastinators alike, eInvite sells all-occasion greeting card packs! Not only are these lovely assortments practical, they’re beautifully designed and illustrated as well. Check out this Greeting Card Variety Pack by Hello! Lucky.

Containing 18 greeting cards, this pack features nine fabulous designs that are perfect for any occasion. Each cream fold-over card is blank inside and hand-printed on an antique letterpress. This pack is quality, function and fun all-in-one! An excellent choice for the mod chic who is always on the go.
Equally as marvelous is the Wild Jungle All-Occasion Pack by Red Cap Cards.

This pack of 25 cards, features five charming illustrations by Carrie Gifford that include appropriate phrases such as "Happy Birthday," and "Thank You.” Suitable for all occasions, each card is printed on cream paper and is blank inside. This assortment is anything but ordinary, making it a great gift for even the most eccentric of friends.
So, whether it be a gift to yourself, or for that special procrastinator in your life, these variety packs are the perfect little something for the up and coming holidays. Put an end to last minute shopping and be sure to check out these and similar products at eInvite today!

Wednesday, November 19

Words to Live by

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” JFK...big words to think about every day. It is that time of year.

The holidays are finally here! Holidays...time for family and friends, time for eating more than we should, time for toasting and indulging. eInvite has given you plenty of reasons to say thank you, spread cheer and rejoice in the new year.
Welcome 2009 with an expression of gratitude and excitement...
Select photo cards are priced at a sweet 40% off until December 2. This Brown, Green and White Photo by is a great way to welcome a new baby, announce an engagement or send a family photo. Holiday Happenings , also by is 25% off until December 3. Winter Sprig Shortfold Note by William Arthur is engraved inside and a wonderful, modern note for the holiday season. We also featured Harvest Gold by Checkerboard. This is a perfect greeting for business or family. We can't forget to give thanks to all the folks that have supported our businesses throughout the year.

Even though it's the holidays, you newly engaged love birds are thinking about your wedding, amidst the bustle. These White Scroll invitations from come with free matching note cards! They are priced under $1 each. This is the perfect way to invite your guests when you are on a budget...without sacrificing design and style. (Free note cards to boot.)

Also featured for your holiday inspiration are White Pumpkin Candle from Pottery Barn. They are such a great option to the standard orange pumpkin. They are modern and pretty cool. Love them! The Decorative Straw Turkeys from William Sonoma are a natural way to decorate your home for the holidays.

A gift for you, a gift

A handwritten note is such a personal message. I am notorious for saving letters from the girls from summer camp, penpals from childhood, my grandmother's writings to me in college, and I know you have them-- old boyfriends. Something has gotten lost in the age of technology. Emails just can't be saved in the little box up on the shelf in the closet. These days, I love opening up the mailbox and finding that special envelope addressed to me. The one that took a minute and a little effort to put into the mail...the one I will not delete and add to the "trash" bin, as soon as it's read.

eInvite just added an amazing addition to our stationery selection! Maria Thomas, in her studio in the above image, has designed 8 exclusive custom alphabets for this modern and edgy selection, designed by Checkerboard. Her amazing handlettering is so exclusive and sought after by people all over the world. This selection is an exciting addition to the stationery market and so affordable. The papers make really great holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Take note of the super cool calling cards. I love them so much, that I am having trouble picking them out for friends, because I want to buy them for myself!

Items in the top left image are: 1. Zen, 2. Couplet, 3. Calling Card, 4. Flare
Items in the bottom right image are: 1. Provence, 2. Versailles, 3. Echo

Tuesday, November 18

Silver, Scarlet, and Seriously on Sale

Now is the time to snap up ridiculous deals in every category on because it's the Holiday Sale until December 3rd. I adore the custom embossed personal stationery because it has a tactile appeal and looks rich, yet subtle. The lovely crisp slate grey Memo Card (top left) is only $14.93 for 100 flat notecards! The red Prestige Monogram Correspondence Card (bottom right) has eye-catching glamour for just $41.93 for 100 cards. Perfect personalized holiday gifts.

I am also loving the red modern holiday cards. Decorative Wishes (bottom left) is sexy for $74.24 for 100 on sale, and Happy Holiday (top right) is 100% recycled cotton with a luxurious texture and thickness for $117.00 for 100. For this card you can also change the ink color to a rich sap green or other color and pick whatever font you want with the online customization tools. You see a preview instantly too.

Finally, I have to pull out the Silver Shimmer Invitation (center), a double-layered folding panel wedding invitation that is modern and substantial - for just $212.63 for 100. This could work for a wedding with any color scheme that uses platinum accents. Red ink would look amazing for the inside text for a winter wedding too.

Monday, November 17

A Winter Wedding

Taking cues from nature, this white (with touches of pink!) winter wedding is romantic and cozy.

{Images, L to R from top: Martha Stewart Cake, Sterling & Pearls by Checkerboard on, Tommy Hilfiger suit from GQ, JS Boutique Strapless Pleated Taffeta Dress, mimi designs, karen wise photography, Red Orchid Design, pink champagne via, White Embassy by Crane & Co. on}

Sunday, November 16

Loving Letterpress

Letterpress is truly luxurious. It has existed around the world for the last six hundred years, and is a diverse printing method today. Some letterpress shops use traditional hand-fed presses, while others use polymer forms and rotary presses. Both can create exceptional results, but you should expect to pay more for a boutique, hand-fed letterpress printer.

I love letterpress because it celebrates a rich heritage of craftsmanship and is easy to recognize. I happen to like a very deep impression into heavy paper stock, a method that has broken with tradition.

A good printer can work with small serifs and show off exceptional technique by not allowing ink to fill impressions and lose detail.

Letterpress is the right choice when you want to celebrate a certain amount of decadence. You might say that it is the truffle of printing methods!

Wednesday, November 12

Green Season

At eInvite, holiday orders are pouring in and here's one of the trends of the season we are really happy about...

Eco-Friendly Designs

With stylish, eye-catching holiday designs and a modern color palette, this mini-line of completely recycled holiday greetings is helping lots of people "go green" this season! Reasonably priced and delightfully textured.