Wednesday, November 19

A gift for you, a gift

A handwritten note is such a personal message. I am notorious for saving letters from the girls from summer camp, penpals from childhood, my grandmother's writings to me in college, and I know you have them-- old boyfriends. Something has gotten lost in the age of technology. Emails just can't be saved in the little box up on the shelf in the closet. These days, I love opening up the mailbox and finding that special envelope addressed to me. The one that took a minute and a little effort to put into the mail...the one I will not delete and add to the "trash" bin, as soon as it's read.

eInvite just added an amazing addition to our stationery selection! Maria Thomas, in her studio in the above image, has designed 8 exclusive custom alphabets for this modern and edgy selection, designed by Checkerboard. Her amazing handlettering is so exclusive and sought after by people all over the world. This selection is an exciting addition to the stationery market and so affordable. The papers make really great holiday gifts for everyone on your list. Take note of the super cool calling cards. I love them so much, that I am having trouble picking them out for friends, because I want to buy them for myself!

Items in the top left image are: 1. Zen, 2. Couplet, 3. Calling Card, 4. Flare
Items in the bottom right image are: 1. Provence, 2. Versailles, 3. Echo

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