Wednesday, November 26

The Natural Choice

Sometimes I get a little overwhelmed with all the red and green that inundates everything this time of year. I thought I would refresh things at bit for you (and for my own sanity) with a more neutral palette for this party inspiration board. Ruffles, city sippers & holi-decor in natural tones and lush silver...without the old standbys. Yes, red and green you have been left curbside. Here at eInvite we have some fashionistas and foodies, so I can’t wait to see what everyone has in store as we get posting about party inspiration.

This year I have been seeing and loving ruffles. They are so full of texture, proportions and are just plain fun. I am loving these tops from Rachel Roy (top) and Madison Marcus (bottom).The silver and white tones are great for formal events or to wear with your favorite jeans. Add a little sparkle and your good to go.

The natural elements are also seen in these home decor items that exude taste and sophistication. The Glacé Christmas Stockings are from Ballard Design and the The Olive Branch and Tree of Life Menorahs’s are designed by Michael Aram and are available at Neiman Marcus. Their description of the artist just make you want to have them in your home.

A little holiday refreshments always make the noise and the bustle (and Uncle Robert) a little more festive. Serve up some new ideas and start some new traditions. Now what holiday is not complete without a little Alchedemia? I was greatly inspired by weekend fun to add some cocktails to my post this week. St. Germain is my new favorite discovery. A liqueur made from elderberry blossoms of the French Alps. Their logo is actually the little “bohemian” bicycler that delivers the blooms from the mountainside. I happen to just love the aroma and the taste is so much like the juice our family makes from the same flowers in Brasov. It brought back the summer.

St. Germain Martini
- 2 oz Grey Goose vodka
- .75 oz St. Germain
- 1 oz juice of a lime or lemon

Shake in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a chilled martini glass and serve with your citrus slice.

Images and recipes for the Lava Lamp & Two Turtle Doves, the other libations were from


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