Tuesday, November 25

The Best Personal Wedding Websites

So my big day is happening in July of 2009 and the advantages of working at an invitations retailer continue to add up. :) Planning my save-the-dates recently, I realized that first I need a place online to send my guests for all my wedding details, so I can print it on my save-the dates. eInvite has a partnership with Wedding Window - we offer tons of coordinating invitations to go with their beautiful websites, like so:

I signed up for my site with Wedding Window because I have done a good amount of research about sites available and these are clearly the snazziest and easiest to customize. But I wasn't sure where to start with designing it. Here's what I ended up thinking about to get started:
  • What is the feeling I want to give people about my wedding? Hot Summer Fun? Formal?
  • What are the colors I want to use? I don't know my "wedding colors" yet, but I know the wedding is going to be bursting with flowers and outdoors so I favored lush greens and rich accent colors.
  • What do I need? I started with a picture of the two of us and basic info about the ceremony and reception. Gradually I can add more details as I collect them, such as directions, a link to my registry, accommodations info, etc. In fact, the "site center" where you go in and control all the parts of the site is so easy to use, it is serves as a great place to organize my own mind around all this stuff!!
The amount of customizable options was unbelievable; it was like going into a craft store and being allowed to make whatever I wanted from an endless supply of colorful materials. A fun and creative start to planning the big day!

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