Thursday, November 11

A Steampunk Future

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"Steampunk" is an aesthetic, growing in popularity, that presents the future from the imagined view of the Victorian age. Steampunk gets its inspiration from a combination of Jules Verne and H.G.Wells to contemporary retro futuristic sci-fi films such as "The City of Lost Children" and "Hellboy". It is a mix of 19th century industrialism with exposed steam pipes, greasy etched gears and Victorian style varnished dark woods, ornamental brass fittings, velvet, tin, with the added utilitarian beauty of worn leather and glowing electrical vacuum tubes.

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This antique vision of the fantastic has shown its influence in areas ranging from fashion, modifications to laptops, televisions and phones to collectible re imaginings of historical figures and even "Star Wars" in the form of action figures. Now it has even made it way into weddings; grooms decked out in long coats and vintage vests and top hats accented with antique goggles, riveted brass and other factory style garments. Brides gowns move away from traditional white to darker tones with Victorian flourishes, lace, fingerless gloves and industrial style jewelry. Even wedding cakes are getting the fondant sculpted treatment.

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Sprout said...

That is some cake! What do you have going on in steampunk invite?!