Tuesday, November 23


{poster for objectified by swiss dots}

Shown first at SXSW earlier this year, Objectified directed by Gary Hustwit and created by his gang at Swiss Dots of London. The piece is a documentary about industrial design that may have you sitting in your chair a little differently. You may recall, Swiss Dots of Helvetica. Looking at objects, there is the chance you may perhaps get on all fours to get a good perspective, or stand on the other side of the room and compare two of your favorites. As a consumer, you will start thinking about the inside world of the manufacturing of objects, about their simplicity v. complexity, their ease of use v. their uselessness, their value v. their waste of space. As a designer, you will be taken on a journey into the minds of brilliant aesthetic thinkers. You may never brush your teeth or use a MacBook the same again! See the trailer here.

We have been lucky enough to have Adoniram, our in-house photographer set up a monthly film series here at the office. Objectified was our last inspiration. {I am waiting for Urbanized...hint, hint!}

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