Sunday, June 20

Don't Get Many Letters These Days?

Handwritten thank-yous are a nice thing and so rare these days. Frankly, I don't often get much written correspondence, with some notable exceptions (mostly co-contributors on this blog)! Another blog I follow, though not related to our coverage here at eInvitesInsights, once made a point that I found very insightful. The point was, while many complain about the lack of written correspondence, consider the last time YOU wrote a letter. Can you even recall the date?

I have to admit, I've personally been guilty of lamenting the decline of personal correspondence (outside the world of email) whilst being more than a little hypocritical in not writing my own relations. So, a few months ago I purchased another round of writing tools (mostly notecards) from various individual artists that I happen to like on

One of them happens to be called Blackbird Letterpress, whom apparently won an award at the National Stationery Show:

(image via Design*Sponge)

So, the next time you're lamenting a lack of written correspondence, pick up a pen and write a letter! After all, the only letters that you receive are the letters that someone else has taken the time to write.

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