Tuesday, March 16

Pretty Paper Cutting!

Artwork by Aoyama Hina. Invitations by Paper Orchid.

Just recently here at eInvite the Art department had its seasonal in-house trends review for Spring and Summer 2010. Among the many slides presented, there was one showcasing the artistic trend of paper cutting; widely known as Scherenschnitte. After the presentation, our Art Director commented that the slide reminded her of our Paper Orchid line on eInvite. So, to give you a sense for this amazing craft, I’ve shown here, a sampling of some of Paper Orchid's Invitations alongside the beautiful work of Aoyama Hina; a renowned Japanese artist living in France. And although the Paper Orchid designs are laser cut, not hand cut, as are Hina’s designs, their appearance certainly references this fine craft. So, if you’re looking for a touch of artistry in your invitations, Paper Orchid is a great option, be sure to check out more of the designs here on eInvite. Enjoy!

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