Wednesday, March 24

Keeping Current with Wedding Trends

{j.crew: gown, bridesmaid dress, flower girl dress, bracelet and tuxedo}
{photograph of wedding rings: michèle m. waite}
{flowers by sprout, worcester}
{sneak peak of unveiled invitation suite by checkerboard}

The current trends are so great for wedding. I am really into the understated hues and soft earthy tones. With a little accent of black or chocolate, these hues make a big statement. These colors are also elegant and timeless, so I have a feeling they will be with us for a while. Weddings are also trending toward the creative, organic, personal expression and an explosion of fun. Photo booths with great silly accessories are everywhere. Flowers are full of texture, like the ones shown here. These are such an amazing example of pulling color right from nature and running with it.

The invitation suite {a sneak peak to you readers of eInvite's insights}, features an oversized satin ribbon that just begs to be touched. The respond offers room for the recipient to write a personal note back to the bride. With a surge in guests not responding these days, the selections in Unveiled offer a creative prompt that in turn creates a very personal prelude to the wedding. How wonderful to open a response that includes a note from your favorite aunt, rather than seeing that she has chosen chicken over steak! The typography and the "stories" on the items in this book are so fresh. We look forward to offering them soon.

Today's brides are so lucky to have all this stunning eye candy, and oh the ruffles and baubles!

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