Thursday, February 4

Signs of Spring - Save the Dates!

As we start seeing some signs of spring up here in the frozen Northeast like the sun setting after 5pm, there seems to be another sign of spring happening - wedding save the dates! I don't know about you but whenever I open up a save the date I immediately run to the fridge to tack it up. Even a month after getting them, seeing them every morning makes me smile and reminds me that I have this really exciting, cool event (and invitation) to look forward to. So here are a couple of suggestions for save the dates that not only fit the bride and groom well, but are guaranteed to make your guests smile every time they see them.

This Suzuette save the date by Marmalade Ink is a gorgeous reminder of spring and summer in an otherwise bleary season!

Aptly named, Storybook Romance by Carlson Craft is a magnet (which I love!) that lets you tell your relationship story through four pictures.

I have a personal reason for including this Modern Rectangle save the date magnet from Pioneer Color - it's on my fridge right now. One of my good friends chose it for her save the date for her wedding in April, and the bright spring greens look even better in person!

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