Thursday, February 11

Marella Ferrera

{images from Marella}

Ooh, I was kind of taken away by the organic and free form sweetness as well as the edgy advantgarde style that is Marella Ferrera. This is her line "Goddesses" for Rome Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2010. I love the earthy and bright colors together giving way to a surprising palette of sorbet under layers and flowing lightweight fabrics. They are mystical and fantastic.

She also mixes in semiprecious stones, yarns and unexpected bits-clues and styling derived from her goddess inspiration. The lines are loose but so feminine. I am drawn to the texture and the organic visual nature of every piece. Read her bio, Marella Ferrera seems to be ethereal herself.

I have been working this week with flowers from our favorite flower shop, Sprout. The image I shot with my phone reminds me of the organic layers and natural colors that I see in the clothing. I love the grays and neutrals with lavender and pink tones. Don't you want to touch it?

{image of Ambrosia Rose from Sprout flowers}

This rose is also my prediction of one of the most popular new flowers for bridal bouquets this season. Like the Mocha rose, tones of chocolate make this flower an amazing and unique choice for wedding. They can be paired with almost any color and look so dramatic with touches of dark chocolate and black.

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Sprout said...

'Amnesia' rose, sweetie! I tell everyone they'll forget the name. ;-)