Tuesday, December 7

Cool Holiday DIY

{potato stamp: factorydirectcraft.com; paperchain: priscillabeau; magnetic advent calendar: twig and thistle; glass ornament: twig and thistle; paper garland: twig and thistle}
{ok, i fell a little in love with twig and thistle, a great gathering of unique inspiration}

The holidays are an especially fun time to make, bake and spend time with family and friends. I am always on the hunt for simple, fun and cool ideas. The paper chain is a wonderful holiday craft and is fun for small children and adults. I especially love this one shown, as each link is personalized with something to be thankful for. You can easily make a Christmas version of wishes, thoughts, lyrics, poems and of course, the words to The Night Before Christmas. May your month be merry and filled with wonderful moments, of new memories.

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