Saturday, September 26

Wanting a smooch since 1938...

{image by joel page for the ny times }

This is one of the most romantic stories I have heard in a long time, this NY Times article sent to me by my good friend, who knows me well. I am hopeless romantic and love a happy ending...or a beginning as this story was just the beginning for Roland Fellows and Beth Ashley. They met while both of their families summered in Maine in the 1930's.

In 2004 the Ashley family returned to 5 Islands Maine, as it always held a special place in Beth's heart. The trip itself and Ms. Ashley's story of her two loves, the Maine coastline and the boy that she could never forget, inspired a column read by a friend. This friend, the catalyst for an amazing tale of love that can withstand time, knew a man by the same name...Rowland Fellows.

A few more years would pass until they finally met, after 70 years! The two started a world wind romance, literally traveling all over the world. Beth Ashley waited for that smooch for 70 years, from Maine to Shanghai, their sixth trip. Rowland, you gentleman!

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Sprout said...

Husband asked permission for our first kiss - so sweet!