Wednesday, August 12

More Kate Spade!

Emily mentioned Kate Spade's looks today and I just had to quickly add that our merchants brought in Kate Spade's designs from Crane & Co. Check a few of these out, they're wonderful:

Adorable Hedgehogs for Family Announcements...
I love the blind embossed Kate Spade logo.

Crane & Co. always knocks it out of the park when
it comes to engraving. Combined with Kate Spade's sense of style,
it's very cute without being frou-frou or ironic.

As a man, it's nice to see the occasional
androgynous/masculine design in stationery.
It needn't be chauvinistic to be strong.

I love this style. It reminds me the best of the Ralph Lauren editorial
and advertising photography/styling from the late 1990's (not at all an insult -
Ralph Lauren went public in 1997, one of their more successful years).

I really like how Kate Spade and Crane & Co. have found a nice synthesis between using modern design and paying homage to classic typefaces. It's interesting to see how Kate Spade carries their sense of design through all of their product, be it fashion or paper.

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